Stormbox Products

Every STORMBOX starts with a refabricated mobile storage unit, reinforced with materials robust enough to withstand the worst Mother Nature can devise, and engineered for accessibility and reliability. Unlike previous generations of storm shelters, STORMBOX is designed to sit above the ground, allowing fast and easy access, including wheelchair accessibility, through the reinforced door. The aboveground design also helps prevent flooding and debris blockage caused by weather events.

The fabrication process for every STORMBOX ensures that each product is always reliable, built using green construction practices, and less expensive than traditional underground storm shelters. With models available to accommodate up to 80 people, STORMBOX is the reliable solution for families, neighborhoods, schools and businesses. With affordable rates and financing available, there is simply no need to compromise on safety.

  • Less expensive than traditional construction
  • Financing available

Safety & Accessiblity

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  • Safety Standards

    Certified Safe

    Every STORMBOX meets FEMA 361 & ICC 500 Standards and passes the Debris Impact Test at the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech.

  • Fully Accessible

    Fully Accessible

    Every STORMBOX is accessible to wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility equipment. The useful aboveground design makes access fast and intuitive.

  • Place Where You Need

    Versatile Design

    Adaptable STORMBOX models make it easy to meet the safety needs of all types of locations. Multiple STORMBOX units can be strategically placed to provide safe rooms across an entire campus.


STORMBOX is designed for quick and easy installation. While your shelter is being fabricated, our teams will strip the soil and lay the foundation. The structure will arrive on a truck, be positioned on the foundation by crane, and then be securely anchored for maximum protection. After that, your new STORMBOX is ready to use. It’s as simple as that.